This is Grandpa’s Voice

This is Grandpasvoice, a place where we six grandpas, with a combined life experience of almost 500 years, will talk about today’s world, as seen through our eyes.   Our number includes an oft-published author, an expert on native American culture and history, a biologist/poet, an engineer,a builder and a judge.

Our mission is to put forth our impressions on how those of you with life expectancies greater than ours might find a small grain of thought that may help you make the world just a little bit better.     We remember the first words spoken by Astronaut Neil Armstrong as his feet first touched the surface of the moon: “That’s one small step for man….”  We believe it has always been one step, followed by another, then another, that has brought us to where we are today.  But we also recognize there have been, and will continue to be, steps in directions that do not represent progress in humankind.  We hope to do our part to minimize those kinds of missteps.

We welcome your comments, your thoughts, and your opposing views.  We’re all old, maybe a little grumpy.  We will do our best to not even get a little testy if we perceive incivility in comments, because we want this to be a place people can visit without feeling threatened by ridicule of their ideas.   The old comic strip, Li’l Abner included a character named Mammy Yokum, who said “Good is better than evil, because it’s nicer. ”   We want everybody to be able to talk about good and evil, but to be nice about how we do so.”


Affectionately,   The Six Grandpas

Ed Pinegar      Dale Shumway           Clive Jorgensen

Jim Wright     Russ Gale                    Claude Hubbard

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